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Sold Rockstead Knives

rockstead-b rockstead-625 rockstead-625- Rockstead #7     F- KHD - 060   Blade is 3" and overall length is 7.25".  SOLD

rockstead-076d rockstead-076a Rockstead Model #076  3 " Stainless blade hardened to a Rockwell of 67. Iodize steel frame is beautifully cut out. Overall length is 8 3/8", folded is 4 7/8". Comes in wood box with wrench for opening and cleaning. SOLD

rockstead-6-7 rockstead-b rockstead-724 rockstead-724- Rockstead # 6   F - SD  175   3.625" blade.  overall length is 8.5". SOLD

rockstead-57 rockstead-58 Rockstead # 5    F-HJO 182 3.5" blade with  DLC coating Overall length is 8.5".  SOLD

rockstead-089 Rockstead Model 089  3 " YXR7 with Tungston DLC coating carbon steel blade hardened  to a Rockwell of 65. This blade needs only to be honed, not sharpened. Aluminum handle with inlay stingray .Overall length is 7 3/8" closed is 4 ". Comes in wood presentation box. SOLD

rockstead-beetle-a rockstead-beetle-b rockstead-beetle-c rockstead-beetle-d Rockstead #4  Beatle model with inlay stingray handle.
3.25" DLC coated blade with a Rockwell of 65.6. Overall length of 7.25". Closed is 4.25" Comes with pocket clip. SOLD

rockstead-3 Rockstead #3  3.5" DLC coated blade with a Rockwell of 65.6, overall length open7.75" closed is 4" carved Aluminum handle. Comes with pocket clip. SOLD

rockstead-13- rockstead-13 rockstead-13a rockstead-13b rockstead-13-3195 rockstead-13c Rockstead R # 13   KON – ZDP  5.25" ZDP 189 blade with a Rockwell of 66.2 with steel guard and wood micarta handle. Overall length is 10". Comes with wood micarta multi-option carry sheath. SOLD

rockstead-12 rockstead-12- rockstead-12-950 Rockstead R#12  HIGO –JHD  3.5" Blade is YXR7 with a 64
Rockwell. Overall length is 8.25". Scale material is A7075
(duralumin) with Aluminite Black / Hv400 coating. Closed knife is 4.86".  SOLD

rockstead-higo-400 rockstead-higo-400a Rockstead  Model – Higo 3.75"  ZDP 189 blade with dual thumb studs. Overall length is 8.5" aluminum handle with frame lock style and pocket clip. SOLD

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