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Great Eastern Cutlery Knives

Great Eastern Cutlery produces high quality, USA-made, user-friendly pocket knives, hunting knives and kitchen knives. Their highly crafted traditional knives with exotic hardwoods, North American cattle bone, and Genuine stag handles are jigged in their own bone works. The blades of these quality knives are crafted from either high carbon steel or stainless steel.
We are proud to carry these quality American knives.  

Great eastern Cutlery inventory:

2-burnt-stag-jack-252209s Jack Knife #2 - 252209S Burnt Stag #24/50 Northfield logo $149.

5-red-bone-pioneer-235208lp Pioneer #5 – 235208LP Red Wine Bone #41/50 $139.

8a-amber-barn-bone-pioneer-734208lp 8-amber-bone-pioneer-735208lp Pioneer #8 - 735208 amber bone pioneer $129.

9-pioneer-burn-toast-735109 Pioneer #9 – 735109 burnt orange pioneer $110.

10-burnt-stag-stockman-541308w Stockman #10 -541308 Burnt stag three blade $199.

12-burnt-stag-stockman-541209 Stockman #11 541209LPM Burnt stag two blade #29/50 $189.

1-mango-bone-jack-252209 Jack Knife #1 – 252209S Mango Bone #11/50 Northfield logo SOLD

3-burnt-stag-single-blade-jack-2579eo Jack Knife #3 – 251009O Burnt stag  single blade SOLD

4-single-blade-jack-bannana-peel-257109ed Jack Knife #4 – 257109ED Banana Peel bone single blade SOLD

6-red-bone-spiral-buffalo-horn-hunter-235108 Pioneer #6 -235108 red spiral buffalo horn SOLD

7-snakewood-scout-knife-734209jfb Pioneer #7 – 734209 snakewood scout knife SOLD

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