Benchmade Blue Class Knives
Benchmade Blue Class logo1

530-200 Benchmade Pardue 530

551-th Benchmade Blue Class
 551 Griptilian®

62-th Benchmade Blue Class
62 Bali-Song®

162-th Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

580-583-th Benchmade Barrage
AXIS-Assist 580-583

Blue Class 
757 Vicar 
761 Ti Monolock 
581 Barrage 
B580-583 Barrage 
585 Mini-Barrage 
586 Mini-Barrage 
943 Osborne 
940 Osborne 
950 Osborne Rift 
300 AXIS® Flipper 
530 Pardue 
Pardue 531 AXIS 
560 Freek 
590 Boost 
707 Sequel 
484 Nakamura Folder 
51 Morpho Bali-Song 
53 Mangus® Bali-Song 
Benchmade Volli® 
477 Emissary 
470-1 Emissary® 
482 Megumi 
Benchmade Shori 
741 Onslaught 
746 Mini-Onslaught 
480-1 Shoki 
Bali-Song® Bowie 
67 Bali-Song® Tanto 
Griptilian® H2O 
551 Griptilian® 
557 Mini-Griptilian® Tanto 
557 Mini-Griptilian® Tanto 
McHenry & Williams 
Hunt Series 
Bone Collector 
Gold & Limited 
Black Class 
Store Policies 

*Please note all Benchmade Blue Class Knives  are new in the box, not used.
They are inspected by us. 
We ship to US destinations for free.
If  you return a knife, you will be charged the cost of shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

470-1-th Benchmade Blue Class
470-1 Emissary®

556-th Benchmade Blue Class
 556 Mini-Griptilian®

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