Benchmade Black Class Knives
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3150-th Benchmade Impel 3150

2550-th Benchmade Black Class
 2550 Mini-Reflex™ Auto

3300-th Benchmade Black Class
 3300 Infidel® OTF 

3550-th Benchmade Black Class
 3550 Auto

Black Class 
3150 Impel 
909 Stryker 
903 Mini-Stryker II 
904 Mini-Stryker 
Benchmade Triage 
915 Triage 
Benchmade Bedlam 
Benchmade Rift 
Pardue 3550 Auto 
3300 Infidel® OTF 
3350 Mini-Infidel® OTF 
2550 Mini-Reflex 
9051 AFO-II 
Fixed Contego™ 
810 Contego Folder 
175 Adamas® Fixed CBK 
Nim Cub II 
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*Please note all Benchmade Black Class Knives  are new in the box, not used.
They are inspected by us. 
We ship to US destinations for free.
If  you return a knife, you will be charged the cost of shipping and a 10% restocking fee.
Many of these knives are restricted and you must provide proper ID to purchase.

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Black Class 

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